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As a result of progress in the fields of information technology, telecommunications and internet, Translation now has exceptional importance where the world comes to be a global village as a result of globalization and challenges imposed by our new world.

Translation in the United Arab Emirates plays a crucial role as UAE has accomplished major progressive and developmental breakthroughs and became one of the leading financial, business and tourist centers in the world. Evolutionary steps have been taken in all business life fields as a result of the distinctive activity pursued by business sector. Owing to this, a great number of local and international companies open their offices every year in the UAE.

During the past ten years our Organization has been providing services to a wide range of clients inclusive of official and governmental entities as well as corporations and individuals.

Welcome to our website where you can find solutions to your needs, requirements and services including, but not limited to, legal translation, documents legalization, Notary Public services, consular affairs consultations and company registration etc. We are pledged to provide quick services of high accuracy and competitive pricing.